Our storm window double glazing comes with a 10 year warranty against yellowing
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Colour choice

Our powder coated frame is designed in a variety of colours to match your décor and window coverings.  The window frame is manufactured for superior insulation performance and low maintenance.


Window Frames

The discreet framing and virgin grade acrylic panels maintain the appearance and integrity of each window.  There is no need to install replacement windows and the solution is unobtrusive from the inside and does not alter the property’s exterior.


Custom Windows

Our secondary window system is perfect for any fixed or moving panel windows including casement windows, double hung, multi-pane, oddly shaped windows and heritage buildings.



Our acrylic glazing panel is up to 18 times stronger than glass and does not shatter.


Custom Fit

Our custom fit extends to our service.  Our storm window double glazing comes with a 10 year warranty against yellowing giving you peace of mind that your view and natural light will not disappear. Magnetite Custom Built Services.

Select the best colour for your installation



There are many factors that affect how a window affects feel of a room. Windows are typically are one of the largest contributors of heat gain or loss.  Engineers and architects who design properties typically factor a 50% heat loss for example due to the effects of the glass, frames and seals of conventional windows... LEARN MORE

Magnetite Thermal Unit
One Over Slider Magnetite


In addition to all the benefits Magnetite has to offer, we can also claim that our windows will actually come with health benefits for a variety of reasons.. LEARN MORE

Noise Reduction and Energy Savings