Creating a dealer network has allowed us to increase product reach
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Magnetite Group Dealership Become Certified Dealer. If you’re excited about the prospect of sharing the benefits of Magnetite we want to hear from you. By becoming a certified dealer you will have access to all our installation and sales training as well as discount pricing of our product. We feel that our success is something that we can help you replicate.



Creating a dealer network has allowed us to increase product reach as well as our understanding and knowledge of different territories through the correct choice of experienced dealers from a variety of backgrounds such as small and big business, quality control, architecture, sales as well as building and construction. We feel that the flow of information from dealer to dealer is as important as the support, advice and direction of our network.


What is involved

Our comprehensive training program provides you with all the necessary skills and accreditations to run a Magnetite business. There are no structural alterations to the existing window or building and our system are installed on the inside therefore the Magnetite window system is viewed as a chattel... LEARN MORE



Customer Benefit and Value: Magnetite Group believes that excellent service is key to our growth. We are a service focused business that works with you to provide retrofit window insulation solutions to reduce noise and energy consumption within buildings. We understand it is important for our clients to receive reliable... LEARN MORE



Save energy in your home or office by using Magnetite insulating panels.  Case studies show that our customers are saving as much as 30% on both their heating and cooling  energy bills. Engineers who perform heat loss calculations on the building envelope use Magnetite insulating panels to improve the mechanical functionality of the heating and cooling equipment that will run less frequently and more efficiently as a result of the increased insulation values... LEARN MORE


There are many factors that affect how a window affects feel of a room. Windows are typically are one of the largest contributors of heat gain or loss.  Engineers and architects who design properties typically factor a 50% heat loss for example due to the effects of the glass, frames and seals of conventional windows... LEARN MORE

Magnetite Thermal Unit
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In addition to all the benefits Magnetite has to offer, we can also claim that our windows will actually come with health benefits for a variety of reasons.. LEARN MORE

Noise Reduction and Energy Savings