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How Magnetite is retrofitted

When you are literally feeling the draft coming from your windows or you’re seeing your bills go through the roof, its time you made a difference to your homes performance. You DON’T NEED TO REPLACE YOUR WINDOWS THOUGH!

Our interior storm windows are installed on the interior of your frames. You will be making a considerable upgrade to your energy efficiency while reducing sound at the same time! Magnetite Canada’s retrofit storm window solution have been designed and tested to work with your existing windows, doors, skylights and glass areas.

Magnetite storm windows allow you to enjoy the benefits of double glazing without replacing the existing windows. Our storm windows double glazing solutions provide proven results and many other benefits:



Comfort. There are many factors that affect how a window affects feel of a room. Windows are typically are one of the largest contributors of heat gain or loss.  Engineers and architects who design properties typically factor a 50% heat loss for example due to the effects of the glass, frames and seals of conventional windows.  By installing Magnetite on your windows you will create a comfortable and sustainable environment all year round.

Magnetite uses an optical grade virgin acrylic glazing, which is up to six times more thermally efficient than glass.  If you have ever placed your hand on a pane of glass in the summer or winter you know that glass in an incredible conductor and therefore holds on to both heat and cold very well. By placing our acrylic panel on the inside of your frame you eliminate this heat or cold entering your home. Additionally, our PVC sub-frame creates a thermal break from your existing window frame while our airtight magnetic seals eliminate draughts. These features allow Magnetite to provide a more constant and comfortable room temperature. This means that you will sleep better at night and be more productive during the day.


Window condensation

Our double glazing retrofit system is unique and is designed specifically as an interior and secondary system. We magnetically attach a virgin acrylic grade glazing panel to the interior of your existing window. This creates an airtight cavity between the window and your Magnetite system.

The air cavity acts as an insulation buffer against noise transference and seals air infiltration and drafts, which cause noise.

If you were at a football game you might not mind the loud noise but when your trying to get some well needed sleep it's another story. Due to the principals of glass, your windows are the greatest conductor of noise in a building. If your home or office is near a train or busy highway you are aware of noise pollution which can impact your quality of life. This also has a detrimental affect on your comfort, property value and health. Contact Us Today to Learn More.


Technical Data and Results

Noise pollution is one of the biggest problems faced in cities today. Unwanted noise can be responsible for sleep loss and lack of concentration. This can lead to a deterioration of health through increased stress levels, headaches, high blood pressure and loss of hearing.

Noise has wave properties. This means that noise can pass through a window in two ways:

  1. Crack space or poor seals are responsible for letting noisy air enter through small spaces, allowing noise to amplify once inside.
  2. Vibration allows noise to travel through solid objects increasing noise levels inside.

This means that to effectively reduce sound levels a window system should have minimal air infiltration and possess enough weight to limit vibration.


Don’t Replace your Windows!

Retrofit your existing windows by installing an interior storm panel

Expert Advice

Research by Dr. John Davy at the CSIRO has shown that secondary windows will reduce more noise than single glazed windows or even traditional double glazed units.

This is due to the large buffering air cavity between two windows. The larger the air cavity the more noise the window system can reduce.

Magnetite is able to utilize these facts to the advantage of the end user. Our magnetic seals provide one of the lowest air infiltration rates of any operational window.

Our slim extruded framing allows us to maximize the air cavity obtained for all window types.

This allows us to use acrylic glazing, which is safer and lighter than glass in our window system.

Whereas traditional double-glazing uses thick glass and a narrow air cavity, Magnetite is able to use safer, more manageable acrylic with a larger air cavity.


Home Comfort

Magnetite is excellent at reducing noise in the frequencies from 400Hz to 20,000Hz. This is ideal for reducing noise from busy roads, commuter trains, and noisy neighbors.

National Acoustic Laboratory Testing:

*The Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) is a measure for sound insulation performance of a single building element such as windows. The higher the Rw rating, the better the sound insulation.

According to a study released by the CSIRO the human ear needs a change of 3dB to detect a difference in noise levels and the human ear perceives a change of 10dB as a doubling or halving of the noise level.

  1. If you double the thickness of glass in a window the noise level will decrease by 3dB – the least amount possible to make a difference.
  2. If the glass is laminated there is no perceived difference in Comfort and noise reduction

Testing has shown that the addition of Magnetite panels can reduce the noise level through your window by up to 70%.


Noise Reduction and Energy Savings