We customize our secondary window solutions to your home and needs.
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Storm Window Glazing

We customize our storm window solutions to your home and needs. We deliver this by tailoring the thickness of glazing and the size of the air cavity to fit your acoustic and thermal insulation requirements.

With Residential Services-Storm Window Glazing, there are many factors that can reduce the quality of your living environment and the ability to enjoy a healthy and stress free lifestyle.

Storm window glazing is a major feature of your home’s design.  Many existing homes have single glazed windows, which provide minimal noise and thermal insulation.  Magnetite’s retrofit storm double glazing system achieves a complete and sustainable solution providing significant results.  Our team of estimators and installers listen to the needs of our customers to provide the best outcome for their home.  We back this service up with a ten year warranty.



We customize our secondary window solutions to your home and needs. We deliver this by tailoring the thickness of glazing and the size of the air cavity to fit your acoustic and thermal insulation requirements. Magnetite Group’s results have been proven and tested through third party accredited organizations.

Acoustic insulation, thermal comfort and energy efficiency are major benefits of double glazing. Many homeowners are choosing Magnetite’s retrofit double glazing for a variety of other reasons:

  • Heritage and Period Homes– antique, stained and leadlight windows can be insulated without being replaced and without any change to the appearance of your home or window
  • Condominiums and Apartments– installation can be completed without any changes to the exterior of the building

Sustainable Living

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through lower energy use and a lower impact on the environment by using existing materials instead of replacement

  • Windows that create waste
  • Government Initiatives– Magnetite was available for funding under the Canadian Home Energy Audit Program introduced by the federal government. Unfortunately the program has been cancelled, but we are still honoring rebates and initiatives that help Canadians create a greener, cleaner future. Important to note that CMHC (Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp) still endorses magnetically sealed storm windows.


The Magnetite system is able to be used on most types of residential windows, doors and skylights including sash windows, timber windows, sliding windows, casement windows, bi-fold doors and multi-panel windows. Residential Services Storm Window Glazing.

  • Property Value– double glazing your existing windows will increases your property value by improving the comfort of the home without compromising the character of the windows


Save energy in your home or office by using Magnetite insulating panels.  Case studies show that our customers are saving as much as 30% on both their heating and cooling  energy bills. Engineers who perform heat loss calculations on the building envelope use Magnetite insulating panels to improve the mechanical functionality of the heating and cooling equipment that will run less frequently and more efficiently as a result of the increased insulation values... LEARN MORE



There are many factors that affect how a window affects feel of a room. Windows are typically are one of the largest contributors of heat gain or loss.  Engineers and architects who design properties typically factor a 50% heat loss for example due to the effects of the glass, frames and seals of conventional windows... LEARN MORE

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In addition to all the benefits Magnetite has to offer, we can also claim that our windows will actually come with health benefits for a variety of reasons.. LEARN MORE

Noise Reduction and Energy Savings